About our logs

kiln Dried

All our firewood is Woodsure ready to burn. The moisture content of our kiln dried logs is under 20% (average 10%). Using good quality firewood logs will ensure your chimney remains clear and more usable heat is produced. Ash is considered the king of firewood as it gives off a hotter and cleaner burn.


Lower Moisture Content

A lower moisture content means more heat and quicker, which makes our kiln dried ash firewood a favourite fuel for stoves and wood burners alike. Kiln dried logs are also the most efficient and effective logs for log-fired burners, log-burning stoves and open fires.


Clean, Bright Flame

The low moisture content also means less wear and tear to your stove or flue lining. Producing a clean, bright flame, ash firewood won’t leave behind tar deposits that come with higher moisture logs. Choosing ash firewood reduces the need for maintenance.


Longer Burn Time

Kiln dried logs burn hotter, longer and cleaner than non-seasoned logs. Our logs have a moisture content of less than 20%. Non-seasoned logs can have moisture content of up to 60% or more. Typically you will need to burn 1 kiln dried log to 3 non-seasoned logs

From our supplier…


Responsibility, safety, ecological soundness and foresight are the basic values of our business. Building on these we believe we can create a working environment where our clients feel understood, appreciated and get a partnership and product worth their time and money.

Every step of the BIOMASS production process is under scrupulous supervision, from planting of the seed that will grow to be a sapling to the smile on the faces of our customers.


Even though we do not engage in forestry ourselves we make it a priority to closely consider where the raw material comes from. We only deal with FSC certified forest enterprises and regularly visit the forests where we get the logs from to have a look and asses the conditions in which the wood is grown.


Once delivered to our production site the wood goes straight to the processors for splitting the raw material into firewood logs. Splitting creates some waste in the form of sawdust and splinters but we have managed to almost completely eliminate that waste by using it to power up the kilns. Next the freshly split logs go to the wood drying kilns to achieve the low moisture content. Depending on the condition the wood came in it takes from three days to a week in the kiln until the required moisture content is reached.

After our product comes out of the kiln it is stored in dry open air conditions with a roof over it so it can lose even more moisture. There it is packed to our convenient sized crates and nets or if the client requires – any other form of packaging.